Study course questionnaires [from 2022]

Study course questionnaires [from 2022]

by Daina Ezertēva -
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Dear Student!

Quality assurance is a continuous process, identifying all stages of activity and stakeholders during the implementation of studies. The opinion of students is very important to help us improve the content of the study course and the methods of its implementation. To promote ViA student feedback on the study course content and its implementation aspects, thereby contributing to the improvement of the study programme content and course implementation, starting from this semester, study course evaluation questionnaires are filled in using the Study Information System (LAIS). It could take 5 - 10 minutes to fill in the evaluation questionnaire following the instructions:

We will also highly appreciate your comments on the LAIS technical solution for completing surveys – please let us know if you have any proposals or any indication of any inaccuracy.  If you have any additional questions or comments – feel free to contact us by email or phone! 

Thank you for your time! 

Sincerely,Study Administration Group