The course aim is to provide students knowledge about testing processes in software development to understand the practical implementation of testing using various testing methods and environments.

The goal of study course is to give theoretical and practical knowledge about professional interpersonal communications, ethics and etiquette in organizations, especially in IT field and projects. Students will improve their communication, presentation and sales skills, develop an understanding of teamwork efficiency, as well as increases knowledge about career development, goal setting and self-presentation skills in different situations- job interviews, project defence. 

The tasks of the course also include awareness of interpersonal communication in groups and organizations, change and conflict management; effective communication, leadership and management skills will be trained in practical workshops and seminars.

The course will also emphasize issues of work motivation theories, discovering of entrepreneurial potential, as well as questions about effective stress management and the importance of emotional and communicative competence.

In workshops students will do various self-research work, participate in cooperation and team work tasks, as well as train and develop their professional communication skills regarding active listening processes, non-verbal and verbal communication processes as well as on the exploration and improvement of different communication styles, giving effective feedback in conflict resolutions processes, team building activities etc

Studiju kursa mērķis ir sniegt nepieciešamās zināšanas un iemaņas, lai varētu nodrošināt pienācīgo darba, vides un civilās aizsardzības noteikumu izpratni, saskaņā ar rekomendācijām, noteikumiem un normatīvo aktu prasībām.